Missing Page

Yesterday afternoon I decided to start working on the layout of the project.

  1. I needed to figure out how to show the audience what was going on on the page.
  2. I wanted to figure out how to number the pages. There is a considerable amount of front matter in this text.

I came up with a solution to the first problem. As well as a solution to the second problem. I started numbering the pages marking chapter beginnings. I realized that I was missing chapters four and five. I did not panic. I was at my mom and dad’s hours away from the ERHS; there was nothing I could do about it. Besides my sister was texting me that my nephew was outside learning how to ride his first bike! Then dinner showed up and well after eating pierogies, wings, sweet potatoes fries, fried pickles, and some sort of smores dessert there was no way I was getting more work done. Mom and I finished watching Season 7 of Shameless. Although, I couldn’t help but think about my page problem- sorry mom!! I made it back to Lancaster this afternoon and after unpacking I headed to the seminary. Thank God for having after-hours access to the building! I took the book off the shelf, certain that I had just skipped a page when I was taking photographs the other week.
However, I was wrong. It turns out that this copy of  De Civitate Dei is missing a page. The text is missing a section of Chapter iii Book I,  all of Chapter IV Book I, and most of Chapter V Book I.

Where the missing page should be.
  1. Has it always been missing? If not when did it go missing? (As if I could find an answer to the latter.)
  2. What is up with the marginalia on the page that would likely come before chapter 4?

    The marginalia in question.
  3. Are other copies of the text missing the page?
  4. Who else has a copy of this text?
  5. How much crème brûlée can I eat at dinner tonight?
  6. Are there other pages missing from this text?





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