What’s the Matter With the Front Matter?

I took yesterday off. The plan was to go to the beach, but the weather was awful. We went to the movies, Target, and had dinner at Tomato Pie Cafe. I decided around 9 PM to rearrange my living room; I’m sure my downstairs neighbors loved me. Despite the rain Friday ended up being a really great day.


I cleaned my desk off and moved it in front of the window! My tiny city apartment does not give me too many options for moving furniture around, but I can’t complain about the view. 


Today started with Mean Cup and Beiler’s Donuts. Followed by a trip to Ikea. Oh, how I love Ikea! I sat finally down around four to work on the transcription of the front matter. The goods news is that I finished the first round of the transcription of the front matter. I skipped the inscriptions because I honestly do not know if I am going to attempt to transcribe them. I also have a bunch of abbreviations that I need to figure out. But the first round is DONE!!!! My hand feels like it is going to fall off, but the first round is DONE!!!


I really enjoy doing this part by hand. My hand does not enjoy it so much. Eight pages of transcription (plus the back of some of those pages). 


I’m all about snacks (a.k.a snackrifices). This was my reward for finishing the first round of transcription. It’s pretty darn tasty! 

I know I should start getting ready for bed, but I’m going to likely stay up late trying to figure out what the abbreviations are supposed to be. I feel like I’m playing the medieval manuscript version of  Legends of the Hidden Temple. 



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