Powered by Pizza

I’m a pizza snob. That’s what happens when you grow up in NEPA. I’ve been wanting to try our new pizza place since it opened. Today seemed like the perfect day to do just that.

Lunch from Steel Peel Pizza. Yes, I needed that much pizza.

Plus, a walk helped to warm me up since it’s freezing in the archives (air conditioning is a blessing and a curse). For being round, it was not bad pizza.



After lunch, I went back to transcribing. I’ve reached the section of the text that is the commentary and City of God. I could take the easy way out and not transcribe City of God, after all, I have a Latin version of the text. I could save so much time. But alas, I am a nerd and I believe that the best way to bond with a text is not only to translate it but to transcribe it as well. I developed this practice in Koine Greek. I spent a lot of my time in seminary writing out the pericopes that we were working on. My hand feels like it is going to fall off, but I’m still going to hand write this transcription.


I also made tea. I always forget how the hot water spout on the water cooler works. You would think that four years after I first used it I would remember. I’m trying to combat the air conditioner with a mug of Jasmine tea. 20170715_155307I’ve had this mug since my first week of college. It was a gift from my “big’ at the Big Sis/ Little Sis party. Yesterday, I went to an alumnae lunch for Cedar Crest and picked up some new swag. I decided to use some of the new swag to keep track of what I have to do for this project.



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