“Oh hey….”

It’s no secret that I have terrible time management skills. Yet, I always get things done on time and I’m  early for everything. Or as I like to call it the “the many joys of high functioning anxiety.” Yes, jokes about mental health aren’t funny, but this is my illness so I feel that I have the right to joke about it. 

My best friend is visiting next week!!! There are 6 days and some odd hours between now and when we will see each other!!!! Can you tell my all the exclamation marks that I am excited?!?! It’s been a very long flourish years since we’ve seen each other. In the midst of my excitement and the general chaos of church life I forgot all about homework being a thing in my life. Whoops. Yesterday I realized that I have a pretty big piece of this project due next week. Whoops. “Oh hey, I have some serious work to get done!!” 

After panicking, I reminded myself that this isn’t the first time I’ve written a project outline on a tight deadline. In fact pretty much everything I do happens on a tight deadline. So, tonight instead of reading a novel and baking brownies like I was planning on doing, I finished a chunk of the upcoming assignment and tried a new flavor of NadaMoo. 

Over the next few days I’ll be taking a break from transcription to work on assignments for my classes. But fear not there will be more on the magic of transcription and translation in the future. 

Breakfast at Central Market. I was serious when I said pb long johns are a food group.
It’s not a pan of homemade brownies but it’s pretty darn tasty!

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