Early in the Morning

About a month ago myself and a friend decided that we were going to try to be morning people. The first week was brutal. But it got easier, I also cheated a few times. Last week my best friend was here and I had no choice but to be a morning person. However, I was also trying to be a night owl. Needless to say it was not one of my better ideas. 

I spent yesterday working on the historiography section of this paper. I was exhausted and had a headache by the time I went to bed at 9:30. I didn’t think much of it. I had spent the day in front of my computer and I hadn’t eaten all that well. When I woke up this morning I didn’t feel that great. I was stuffy. I took some zyrtec and met my spiritual director for coffee. After getting my soul taken care of I headed to one of my favorite cafes and one of the few places in the city that is open on a Sunday morning. I pulled out my transcription work. I even made a plan as to when I would have it all done by. 

I wasn’t feeling all that great when I left, but I didn’t think much of it; it’s been a long week. However, by the time church was over I felt awful. What I hopped was allergies and lack of self-care is in fact a sinus infection (or at least that’s all it better be). The joys of having an immune deficiency are truly endless.

I took a break from life. Put my phone on DND (it’s still on DND) and started a Harry Potter marathon. I pulled out my work again and decided that I should figure out how much more of the text I have to transcribe. While, I’m glad I made the list I have a lot more work to do than I thought. But it’s a manageable amount of work. 

Side note: This upcoming week is going to be hard as we lay a dear friend to rest. The blog probably won’t be updated again till later in the week. 


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