Finding Time

I was sick for most of August with various colds and sinus infections. Half of my office managed to share a cold with each other. Who got whom sick first is still a mystery- it might not be my fault! I’ve done a lot of sleeping the past week and not a lot of writing or working on my project. Confession is good for the soul, but it’s also hard to confess that I have not been following my schedule for my thesis.

In addition to not sleeping this week, we also had a car hit our church sign on Sunday night, making this the second time in two months that our building has been damaged because someone ran a red light. FB_IMG_1504652993890I did do some work on Monday before going out for dinner with friends. We hit up one of our favorite spots and one of the few places that was open on Labor Day, Federal Taphouse. I’m all about dessert and the fluffernutter pizza was the dream dessert of my inner three year old.IMG_20170904_190426_665

Then on Tuesday, we had a strange ten-minute storm that caused all sorts of damage in the city.20170905_171658 The storm messed with all of the technology, so I caved in and finished Dragonfly in Amber. I also started reading Your Heart is a Muscle the Size of a Fist

I finally made my way back to ERHS on Saturday morning. However, sneezing on books from the 15th century is frowned upon so I did not stay long.


DCD in its spot on the shelf. 



My goal is to get caught up this week. Although this cold is stubborn and does not seem to want to go anywhere.



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