Heresy at Target

There is nothing worse than feeling alone in the academy. I’m sure there are academics that do just fine without having a support system, without having a core group of people that they can talk about what they do with. However, I am not one of those people. My Myers-Briggs puts me on the line between Extrovert and Introvert. I need people to bounce ideas off of. I need people that I can talk to about theology and Bible stuff. Thankfully, I have those people. However, now that we are out of seminary we don’t see each other as often as we used to. Don’t get me wrong we love what we are doing with our lives (most of the time), but there’s something about face to face conversations.

Yesterday, Team Take Over the World was reunited for a day of heresy and shenanigans. Over lunch, we talked about the theology in Supernatural. We’ve concluded that the writers should hire us to fix their theology and their interpretations of scripture. Furthermore, it’s Revelation, not Revelations.

After lunch, we ventured to our favorite spot, Mean Cup for an afternoon of Hebrew, thesis writing, and hanging out with our favorite New Testament Unicorn (seriously, G.C we missed you and your wisdom and snark). It was so nice being able to talk to people that get it.  The four us really do embrace the spirtual gift of snark. We also talked about how I’m going to format my project once I have a complete translation; a decision has not been made. We laughed- a lot. We always wonder (wonder not worry) about what people think when they overhear our conversations. At one point in the afternoon, K and A were working on Hebrew and talking about something K is talking about in one of her classes, I was working on my transcription and not really listening to what they were saying, but I heard bits and pieces of their conversation, in the middle of mumbling to myself about Augustine I yelled out “Abraham Joshua Heschel.” We’re theology nerds and we are not sorry.

After talking to our favorite NT Unicorn we went to Target. Like most people, we shouldn’t be allowed in Target without adult supervision. We are professionals with fancy theology degrees, but in Target we are like children that want all of the things. One of our goals for Target is to only get things that we need. We’ve never been able to do that, well except for that one time when we back to Target to get what we forgot the first time we were there. Our other goal for being in Target is to find something ridiculous, turn it into an idol, and take a picture with it.

“Are you there God? It’s us your heretical, idol-worshiping children!” -K

We normally pick some obnoxious gold foiled something or other, but now that the Halloween decorations are out we got creative. We also tried on some Halloween head ware, because when at Target…

Why yes we do serve the catholic church. 







We were also looking for clothes that we can wear to our church jobs. The following conversation happened because again, we need supervision:
Me (while looking for clothes): “I’m just trying to work for Jesus.”
A (while looking for clothes): “At a Renaissance Fair?!?!?” But seriously, we just wanted clothes that we can wear to our church jobs. While I’m all for long flowy clothes I wanted dress pants and suit jackets, not skirts with slits up to the thigh and shirts with the shoulders missing. We take our faith seriously enough to joke about it- “We’re heretical, but in the good way, not in the Pelagius way. ” We represent two different theological traditions, but we agree that Pelagius was wrong. We might not be right, but he was wrong.

We ended our day with diner food! Like Ron Swanson and Leslie Knope, K and I believe that breakfast food is the best food.  And yes, I do have other people that I can talk to about theology stuff etc and academic things, but none of them watch Supernatural, Outlander, and Harry Potter. 20170916_110259We also found Harry Potter coffee mugs at Target. Luckily the had a mug for each one of us, Gryffindor, Slytherin, and Ravenclaw.

It was great to be able to spend time with my people after an extremely long week. My neighbor passed away sort of unexpectedly on Tuesday. When animal control came to get his cat on Wednesday we discovered that they could not take the cat to the SPCA, because we currently don’t have an SPCA in Lancaster County. To make a long story short I now have a cat. Her name is Zoe.

The window is her favorite spot. 

We are still getting to know each other. Right now my purpose as far as she is concerned is to feed her and pet her when she wants to be pet. She doesn’t get on the furniture, except for the kitchen table because she keeps trying to eat the houseplant. She doesn’t like catnip and she doesn’t snuggle. I’m also not really sure if her name is Zoe, but that’s what the lady from Animal Control said so that’s what I’m calling her.


It’s been a long few weeks, but things are starting to slow down. I finally feel like I have the time to work on my thesis. Yesterday, was the first day in a long time that I was able to work on the transcription. I’ve hit the point in the process where I need to look at a Latin version of DCD to figure out the rest of the abbreviations.

Transcription Round 4ish. 

There are also some differences between the text that I am transcribing and the Latin text that I am using as a guide. I need to go back and do some more research on medieval punctuation.


I also need to get ready for a Congregational Meeting and another day of teaching little kids about our faith. This call is strange and wonderful.



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