Cat, Coffee, Confusion, Confession

The first confession- I am a procrastinator.

Now for an update.

For those of you that missed it, I recently became a cat owner. She’s a rescue and two weeks into this adventure I think we are starting to bond. One of the first things I noticed about Zoe is that she does not get on furniture. Not on the chairs. Not on the bed. However, I did notice that she had a thing for the plant on the kitchen table.

No, Zoe, you cannot have coffee nor can you be up here. 

Every now and then I have to take her off of the kitchen table because in true cat form the one piece of furniture that I don’t want her on, is the one piece of furniture that she wants to be on. I took today off from work which means that I have spent my day sitting at my kitchen table working on my thesis.


In between chasing the cat off the table and going for a walk, I managed to finish up my transcription of the text of City of God. I still need to work on the commentary, but the text is finished!

Earlier on in this process, I discovered that chapter ten in the text I am working with and chapter ten in the Latin text that I am using as a guide for when I get stuck do not match. Well, today I discovered that the beginning of chapter ten is, in fact, the end of chapter nine in the manuscript. I also discovered that the end of chapter ten is the beginning of chapter eleven.


Chapter 10 starts at the “quibus” in line 34.


Chapter 11 begins with the “sed” in line 10. 

I’m probably going to spend the rest of the day at the table working on the transcription of the commentary and moving the cat from the table to the floor. But it’s almost the weekend!! The second confession- I’m probably not going to do any work on this project or on the paper that goes with this project this weekend because I will be in Philly on Saturday and Sunday is filled with a variety of Lutheran shenanigans.






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