The Project

This project is a transcription and translation of an excerpt from St. Augustine’s City of God with a commentary by Thomas Waleys and Nicholas Trivet. The text was printed in 1488 by John of Paderborn. The text is part of the collection of the Evangelical and Reformed Historical Society.

This project is part of my Capstone Project at Southern New Hampshire University.

The goals for this project are:

  1. To show the public what goes into producing a translated work. There is a lot that happens between deciding what to translate and the finished product.
  2. To show the public that smaller, lesser known institutions are valuable. We might not be The British Museum, but that does not mean that our collections do not have value.
  3. To bridge the gap between public historians and academic historians. It’s possible to be both. Staying in separate corners is not going to help our field in any way.



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Real Life: Trying to work on this website while on vacation. Both dogs needed to be on top of me. Ruby and I had the same reaction to Jewel kicking us because she needed more room. (This is also what happens when you try to get a nice picture with these two.)